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Salesforce Package Development

Salesforce PackageDevelopment

We offer full-cycle Salesforce Development services for your business needs. With our team of certified Salesforce engineers, administrators, and consultants we can help you develop the best solutions according to your specific requirements, by using our extensive experience with Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce      Integration

Magicforce provides seamless integrations of Salesforce CRM with any 3rd-party applications. Our developers create tailor-made Salesforce integrations with ERP systems, marketing automation software, payment solutions, cloud storage tools, call center systems, workflow management software, etc.

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Salesforce Custom Development

Salesforce CustomDevelopment

Operating inside the Salesforce PaaS called Salesforce App Cloud, we can build custom Salesforce applications for your CRM, based on your business roadmap and specific requirements. Custom Salesforce applications can help to improve or change your business processes that cannot be provided by standard Salesforce functionality and are fully compliant with both your needs and Salesforce technical conditions.

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Salesforce Technical Implementation

Salesforce TechnicalImplementation

With extensive experience in Salesforce implementation, we can help your company deliver better customer service, accelerate your team’s productivity, and gain the maximum value of your business with Salesforce CRM. Our Salesforce developers have the required industry experience and technical knowledge to implement Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud solutions.

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Client feedbacks

Adrian King

Adrian King, Co-founder & CTO at

They have a very good balance of understanding our goals, knowing when to take pragmatic decisions.

Ian Gotts

Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO at

I cannot express how impressed we are by the commitment and dedication of your team. The recent set backs are frustrating but we will work through them. The comments and enthusiasm from early users is really, really encouraging. We are building a fantastic product, with a clear need, and a huge audience.

Noam Levi

Noam Levi, Founder & CEO at WiserSpread

We had the pleasure of working with Magicforce, and they are a team of professionals! The way they manage projects and the Salesforce skills of developers make it easy to work together.

David Malone

David Malone, Co-Founder at Ancillary Marketing

We've used Magicforce for numerous projects and have found them to be reliably delivered on time and within budget.

Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton, Principal Salesforce Consultant at Xenogenix

I have worked with Magicforce on a number of complex projects and they are always professional and helpful. I would have no issue recommending these guys to anyone. Thanks for the good work

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Ross Kurhanskyi

Head of Partner Engagement

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